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Our services cover all types of computers, most Apple devices, tablets, and phones. The technicians at Pacific Laptop are highly trained and qualified to deal with electronic, electrical, hardware, and software problems.

Here you will find information about the most common repairs and an approximate price for each. If you didn't find your repair on the list call us anytime at 604-568-5778 or come in to the store and inquire about your particular device in need of service.

Please remember that our technicans can't give exact quotes over the phone and you need to visit us with your device for a free diagnostic.

Windows and Mac Repair

Starting at $60

Whether your computer has a virus, is being slow, or needs a good cleanup our technicians will take care of everything for you. Our diagnostics cover the operating system and storage hardware. If you have important information stored on your comuter we can safely and securely transfer it to the new system. This repair includes all drivers, security, and antivirus.


Power Jack Repair

Starting at $40

If the power jack on your laptop is broken and you can't charge it anymore bring it to us and we will restore it back to full function. We carry an assortment of spare parts for most laptop models and can order parts if necessary.


Screen Repair

Starting at $60

Broken screens can be replaced on all brands and models of laptops. We carry spare screens of the most common size and have everything else available from our local warehouse within 2-3 business days.


iPhone and iPad Repair

Starting at $20 (depending on the problem)

We specialize in repairing all models of iPhones and iPads. Screens, dock connectors, batteries, water damage, and stuck headphone jacks are just some of the problems we deal with almost daily. Our technicians will take care of any issue you're having with your Apple device.


Data Recovery

Starting at $60

If your computer or external hard drive crashed and you can't get your pictures or important documents back bring it to us and we will recover everything you thought you lost. We have specialized hardware and software that can scan a failed storage disk sector by sector and recover your important data.


Water Damage and Keyboard Replacement

Starting at $60

When liquid is spilled on a laptop the first thing to go is the keyboard. Don't put it in rice and don't wait because liquid flows and can damage your computer beyond repair. Turn your laptop off immediately and come into our store as soon as you can and our technicians will work quickly to save your investment.

Android and Other Phones and Tablets

Starting at $40

We can service other mobile devices such as Android phones and tablets, Blackberry, and Windows RT.

Soldering Jobs

Starting at $20

If you have a device that needs a soldering job for parts such as a broken power cables, capacitors, or fuses you can bring it to us and have it serviced. We have all necessary soldering equipment and our technicians will work quickly to repair your electronics.