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The info on this page is appicable to Vancouver location only:

3029 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC, V5R 5J6
Phone: 604-568-5778

Red Card/Red Coupon:

If you have a Red Card or a Red Coupon you can get the following discount:

If you spend between 50 and 100 you will get 5% off (*)
If you spend between 101 and 200  you will get 8% off (*)
If you spend between 201 and 400 you will get 10 off (*)
If you spend more than 401 you will get 15% off (*) 

Red Box:

 Red Box is the box we are adding all Red Cards to, that qualified to participate in Pick-It-at-Clickk-iT event.

Pick-It-at-Clickk-iT event:

At Pick-It-at-Clickk-iT event you have a chance to win some valuable prized including a laptop. 
During Pick-It-at-Clickk-iT we will pick one ore more Red Cards from the Red Box and match them with randomly picked prizes. 
You don't need to be present at the event to win but you need to have one or more of your cards in the Red Box (*).

Here how you can get a Red Card (*):

If you spend 100 (*) and more with us in one day you will get 1 Red Card with your customer number that will be added to the Red Box.
Also for each 100 spent you will get 1 additional Red Card that you will be able to give to other people.
if anybody will bring your card back to the store and spend at least 100, the card will be added to the Red Box and your winning chances will increase.

The more you spend with us the more Red Cards you will get.
The more Red Cards you will give to other people and encourage them to come to our store and use our services the better your chances to win.
Please give a Red Card to a person you know will benefit from our services. 
They will appreciate you because it will give them an opportunity to try our services at the discount.
And we will appreciate you too! :)

Any questions?

 Visit us at:
 3029 Kingsway,
 Vancouver, BC, V5R 5J6
 Call us at: 604-568-5778

(*)  Discounts are applicable for both merchandises and services (including repair)

      Apple products are maximum 10% off

      The discounts values specified are for new customers only

      Existing customers will get half of the discounts numbers specified unless it says otherwise on a card or coupon

      All amounts mentioned  are amounts before taxes

      Discount amounts could change anytime without notice

      Each card added to the Red Box will stay there for the next two Pick-It-at-Clickk-iT events